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Installation services in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas

Douglas Flooring not only cleans carpet, but we provide expert flooring and installation to both residential and commercial properties. We carry some of the most popular brands including Mohawk and Shaw. We have expert installation crews that will work to provide you with a look that you love. Douglas Flooring provides free estimates, and we are happy to bring samples to you so that you can view them aesthetically in the space being redone.

Having trouble with a pet pulling up your carpet?

Have a pesky area of carpet that just won't stay down?

Did someone in your home accidentally bleach the carpet?

Here at Douglas Flooring, we also provide flooring repair, which can save many people a great deal of money. Instead of replacing a whole room of carpet or your entire room of wood floors, we can often times find a match for your carpet or wood and repair a small area to eliminate the need to more excessive measures. We can also color carpets to minimize the appearance of some stains. Let us know if you are interested in your free estimate to determine if this service might be the right fit for your flooring needs.
We also refinish your well-loved and sometimes well-worn wooden floors. Below are some pictures from before and after the professionals at Douglas Flooring refinished these beautiful hardwood floors.
Brick pavers can also provide a challenge for some home owners. If the grout was not previously sealed or the bricks mortar is beginning to crumble, we can provide a solution! We can also re-stain grout, if your grout is beginning to darken with time.
Whether it's a new construction, updating a well-loved home, or your place of business, please call Douglas today for your free estimate and quality you can stand on!